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Perfect opportunity to explore possibilities for collaboration and to apply for the EURON mobility grant.
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Introduction by Gunter Kenis
Experiences of the Mobility Grant

Each EURON partner university introduce itself by their labs in a video. Watch the video presentation of every EURON partner.

Université de Lille

The University of Lille has made international development central to its way of working, courses and research, with deep local roots, connected to the world.

Université catholique de Louvain

UCLouvain, an international university engaged in society: a multitude of services, job opportunities and alumni privileges.

Hasselt University

Hasselt University’s approach to education is unique. We encourage students to look beyond books and classrooms. We equip them with knowledge and skills. Action and interaction. Thinking and doing. Intensive guidance.

Université du Luxembourg

The University of Luxembourg aspires to be one of Europe’s most highly regarded universities with a distinctly international, multilingual and interdisciplinary character.

RWTH Aachen University

Top-quality medicine with a human face.
The architecturally and organizationally unique bundling of health care, research and Teaching under one roof enables us to have an intensive interdisciplinary exchange and a close
clinical and scientific networking.

University of Cologne

The University of Cologne is one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe. Due to its outstanding scientific achievements and the high quality and diversity of its degree programmes, it enjoys an excellent international reputation.

Maastricht University

The Maastricht University stands out for its innovative education model, international character and multidisciplinary approach to research and education. Thanks to its high-quality research and study programmes as well as a strong focus on social engagement, UM has quickly built up a solid reputation.